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== Notes

This code has come straight from a production Rails app. It will soon be a Rails plugin, but for now, I suggest putting it in the lib/ directory of your Rails project.

You must have a valid IDology account to test or use this API library.

== ID Verification via IDology

Assuming you have a local proxy setup to the development server - and the development server's IP is authorized to access the IDology API - here is a curl command to test whether or not the API is working correctly. In this example, the socks v5 proxy is using 'ssh -D localhost:1080' to setup a temporary proxy between the development machine and the development server. Note that the username / password must be correct.

This curl command will perform a search for 'Mickey Mouse' - a valid test record in the IDology system

curl -v --socks -d username=test -d password=test -d firstName=mickey -d lastName=mouse -d address='15 MIDLAND AVE APT' -d city=paramus -d state=NJ -d zip=07652 https://the.idology.api.url

== Configuration

The id_verification directory must contain a file called 'config.yml' using the following format:

# IDology API username and password
username: your_api_username
password: your_api_password

It is recommended that you symlink this file to the directory after deploy for security reasons. This file is also required for development mode - just fill with dummy data.

== Tests

To run the rspec tests, make sure you are in the lib/api/id_verification directory and type 'spec -cfs spec/' - these tests do not hit the API directly, they use fixtures.