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cgi always show previous and next links, no db query #1 Feb 18, 2017
lib Don't link #12345 to anything, such as the Perl RT #2 Feb 18, 2017
t [irclog] cleanup: Oct 21, 2007
tools [stats.pl] fix calculation of first month Mar 21, 2012
util [irclog] clear non-printable characters from the logs before any Aug 5, 2007
README.md updated readme Oct 16, 2015
add_id.sql [irclog] preparations to add a primary key to the database May 18, 2007
bot.conf [irclog] updated comment in bot.conf Mar 12, 2009
cpanfile clean up Apr 25, 2012
ilbot.sql replace schema by mysqldump May 22, 2010
ilbot2.pl Allow logging of ##channel as #channel Nov 15, 2015
jquery-1.3.2.min.js [misc/irclog] JS filtering needs jQuery Jul 21, 2009
spam.sql [irclog] added possibilty to mark lines as spam. more details soon to… Jul 2, 2007
update-sql-add-summary.sql add updating SQL Sep 15, 2012


philbot is a fork of Moritz Lenz's lovely ilbot as it existed in September 2012, a simpler time when the database was in a single denormalized table and it ran under vanilla CGI rather than FastCGI.

Logs at http://irclog.greptilian.com have been created using philbot.