Imcat(贴心猫) is a set of Light weight, Free, Sharing general PHP web application system!
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  • 贴心猫(imcat) V4.4 Released (2018-11)

What is imcat(贴心猫)?

  • Imcat means IntimateCat(贴心猫), It is a set of Light weight, free, sharing general PHP web application system!
  • Apply to: online shop, hospital, school, enterprise, personal website, enterprise intranet, profession portal site, etc.......
  • Not entangled in OOP, not entangled in MVC, not entangled in the Design-Model, free and unrestrained!


  • Support: PHP5.3~PHP7.2 / custom module / custom field / custom parameter / custom classification
  • Data&share REST-API / sync / ourter import / Crawler / seo push / old vertion import
  • Interface: Ftp store / Sphinx search / WeChat / SMS / ip address / map (Baidu, Google) / payments (PayPal, Alipay, caifutong)
  • Demo Website: imcat(贴心猫)


  • Need Environmental

    • PHP5.3 ~ PHP7.2 (Recommend: PHP5.4 ~ PHP7.2)
    • mysql5.1+
    • Extended libs: MySQLi/MySQL, GD2, curl
  • Set the relative path of the site:

    • all files will be placed on the site of any directory;
    • In file: /root/cfgs/boot/_paths.php Set Param: PATH_PROJ;
    • The value of PATH_PROJ is the relative path of the site, eg:['/imcat'] or root [''](empty string)
    • For the first time, It will automatically correct the project path, so you can omit the operation
  • Edit DB-Config(It can be edited while installing, advice you config manually)

    • File: /root/cfgs/boot/cfg_db.php;
    • Tips: the defalut DB-Type is: $_cfgs['db_class'] = 'mysqli';
    • You can Edit it according to the service environment.
  • Setup/Config

    • View Start Page: /index.php?start to Check and Config
    • View Url: /root/tools/setup/ to Setup.

【v4.4 ChangeLog】 (2018.11)

  • Core: Add namespace(imcat), Adjust root entries, Adjust dirs;

  • Add: composer extend;

  • Add: Ali-Oss Store-extend;

  • Add: Free-Data-tag, support Multi-db;

  • Add: Haofangtong API (Only Data API, NO views) --- (provided by CrabyLi);

  • Improve: Store-Config --- (It's can config by file-types and models);

  • Improve: http-collection remote data, Add cache remote data;

  • Add extend: ThinkPHP(v31)Core for PHP7 --- (third party packages that are almost independent of the system)

  • Update: The db-manage component(Adminer)

  • Fix: Some url shared in wechat, It will jump to homepage.

贴心猫(Imcat,IntimateCat) 是以PHP+MySQL架构设计的通用网站系统,简约、实用、轻量、开源。 适用于:网店,医院,学校,企业站,个人网站,企业内部Intranet,中小型行业门户站点等…… 不纠结于OOP,不纠结于MVC,不纠结于设计模式,自由奔放!


  • 支持:PHP5.3~PHP7.2/自定义模块/自定义字段/自定义参数/自定义分类/模板继承/tag缓存/js标签/静态/伪静态
  • 模型:问答系统/内部公文/商品展销/新闻/专题/课程资源/样例文档/用户
  • 接口:REST-API/Ftp存储/Sphinx检索/微信/短信/地图/支付/数据分享/数据同步/外部导入/采集/推送/导入旧版


  • 环境需求

    • PHP5.3 ~ PHP7.2 (推荐: PHP5.4 ~ PHP7.1)
    • mysql5.1+
    • 扩展: MySQLi/MySQL, GD2, curl
  • 设置站点相对目录;

    • 文件:/root/cfgs/boot/_paths.php 设置PATH_PROJ值为站点相对目录如:“/imcat”或 根目录用“”(空)等;
    • (首次安装使用会自动更正项目路径,所以可省略上述操作)
  • 修改数据库配置:

    • 文件:/root/cfgs/boot/cfg_db.php;注意数据库类默认为:$_cfgs['db_class'] = 'mysqli';
    • (可安装时配置,如果修改建议手动配置)
  • 安装/配置:

    • 访问起始页:/index.php?start 检查配置;
    • 访问地址:/root/tools/setup/ 安装程序。


  • 核心: 添加命名空间, 整合root入口, 调整目录 --- (本次调整范围较大,升级用户请安装新系统再导入旧资料)

  • 添加: composer 扩展

  • 添加: 阿里OSS云存储扩展

  • 添加: 自由数据调用标签,支持多库调用

  • 添加: 好房通数据API (仅数据接口,无显示页) --- (CrabyLi 提供)

  • 改善: 存储配置 --- (支持按模块/类型配置不同存储类型)

  • 改善: http采集远程数据,增加缓存功能

  • 增加扩展: ThinkPHP(v31)核心-PHP7兼容包 --- (与本系统几乎无关的第三方包)

  • 更新:数据库管理组件(Adminer)

  • 修正:微信分享地址,跳转到首页