Python bindings for ngrok local and Link APIs
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Python bindings for ngrok local and Link APIs

Use with local ngrok setups

If your ngrok server is not running at http://localhost:4040 you need to set your base url like so:

>>> import ngrok
>>> ngrok.client.BASE_URL = "http://localhost:8765"


  • Get all tunnels: ngrok.client.get_tunnels()
  • Get tunnel by ID: ngrok.client.get_tunnel(id)


Only available on introspected tunnels.

  • Get all requests: ngrok.client.get_requests()
  • Get all requests for a specific tunnel: ngrok.client.get_tunnel(id).get_requests()
  • Get request by ID: ngrok.client.get_request(id)
  • Replay request: ngrok.client.get_request(id).replay()

Use with ngrok link

First set your public ID and secret tokens like so:

>>> import ngrok
>>> = "my_public_id"
>>> = "my_secret_token"


  • Get all tunnels:
  • Get tunnel by ID:


  • Get all reserved domains:
  • Get reserved domain by ID:
  • Reserve new domain:"").reserve()
  • Release existing reservation:

TCP Addresses

  • Get all reserved TCP addresses:
  • Get reserved TCP address by ID:
  • Reserve new TCP address:
  • Release existing TCP address reservation:


  • Get all client credentials:
  • Get client credential by ID:
  • Create a new client credential:, acl).create()
  • Revoke an existing client credential: