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Latest commit 59702f1 @CloCkWeRX CloCkWeRX Add travis
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Net Bug #19946 Login fails when using password with double quotes
docs Doc Bug #17482 Please, consider updating license to PHP 3.01
tests Wrap the teardown to prevent fatal errors when the fixture is not set.
.gitignore Enhancement: composer setup
.travis.yml Add travis
LICENSE.txt Request #19875 Please provide LICENSE file
README Added README template for Net_IMAP.
package.xml Update package
phpunit.xml Cleanup


This package is and has been migrated from

Please report all new issues via the PEAR bug tracker.

If this package is marked as unmaintained and you have fixes, please submit your pull requests and start discussion on the pear-qa mailing list.

To test, run either
$ phpunit tests/
$ pear run-tests -r

To build, simply
$ pear package

To install from scratch
$ pear install package.xml

To upgrade
$ pear upgrade -f package.xml
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