Minimal framework to support locale feature in Pebble apps.
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Minimal framework to support locale features in Pebble apps, using i18n_get_system_locale() in Pebble Firmware 2.8+ to discover the system locale and select the correct text to display.

To Use

Setting Up Your Project

  • Add localize.h, localize.c and hash.h to your project's src directory.

  • Add locale_english.bin, locale_french.bin, locale_spanish.bin and locale_german.bin to your app resources.

Note: Empty files (size 0) are used as placeholders so code can compile, and will fall back to English.

  • Add #include <localize.h> to any code files that require translation.

  • Modify your main function to use locale_init():

int main(void) {
  // Init locale framework

  /* Other app setup code */

  • For all strings that you wish to localize, add _() around them.
_("Breakfast Time");

Generating Translation Resources

  • Run python src/ locale_english.json. This will generate locale_english.json and locale_english.bin.

  • Move locale_english.bin to your project's resources directory.

  • Make a copy of locale_english.json for other languages, such as locale_german.json.

  • Modify locale_german.json to replace the English strings with German strings.

  • Run python locale_german.json. This will generate locale_german.bin.

  • Move locale_german.bin to your project's resources directory.

  • Add the new .bin resource files to your project's appinfo.json file as shown in the App Resources guide. For example, for the four language files in this project are added as shown below:

"media": [
    "type": "raw",
    "name": "LOCALE_ENGLISH",
    "file": "locale_english.bin"
    "type": "raw",
    "name": "LOCALE_FRENCH",
    "file": "locale_french.bin"
    "type": "raw",
    "name": "LOCALE_SPANISH",
    "file": "locale_spanish.bin"
    "type": "raw",
    "name": "LOCALE_GERMAN",
    "file": "locale_german.bin"
  • Compile your application and install!

You can easily test your translations by commenting line 11 and uncommenting line 8 of localize.c, replacing "es" with a locale you are translating.

Adding More Languages

If you wish to add more translations in the future, repeat Generating Translation Resources to obtain new translation binary resources. You will also need to do this in the event that you modify any of your strings.