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Redmine clipboard_image_paste plugin

Paste (cropped) image from clipboard as an attachment.

  • uses pure client side JavaScript
  • attachment works for issues, wiki, news, files, documents, forums
  • image can be interactively cropped
  • tested only in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and the last versions of Internet Explorer (11+)
  • translations: Bulgarian, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (+ Brazil), Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Taiwanese Mandarin, Turkish




Known issues:

  • thumbnails using {{thumbnail}} macro will not be shown in exported PDFs
    (Redmine’s PDF export limit – see,
  • maximum attachment size is checked against BASE64 encoded image data (even
    smaller images than the maximum allowed attachment size can be rejected)
  • clipboard_image_paste’s ‘Add picture from clipboard’ command combines number
    of both regular files and pasted images for maximum number of attachments check,
    while Redmine’s original ‘Add another file’ counts only regular files
  • ability to copy&paste images from clipboard depends on browsers capabilities
    – some browsers don’t support all image formats in the clipboard
    (but PrintScreen + Paste usually works)
  • Redmine 2.5 and older: attached image will be visibile in exported PDFs only
    if RMagick is installed (this is a limit of PDF export in Redmine – alpha channel
    must be removed from png image)
  • see Compatibility section for incompatible plug-ins


08.11.2018 RELEASED 1.13
[!] compatibility with Firefox 63+ using HTTPS connection
[-] compatibility with redmine_s3 plugin

28.06.2017 RELEASED 1.12
[!] Redmine 3.4 compatible
[-] Corrected improper use of the tag <p>

28.06.2017 RELEASED 1.11
[+] Don't remove alpha channel from PNG image for Redmine 2.6+
[+] Added Danish translation

07.03.2015 RELEASED 1.10
[!] Redmine 3.0 compatible
[-] JCrop patch for compatibility with jQuery used in Redmine 3.0
[*] Taiwanese Mandarin translation updated

24.10.2014 RELEASED 1.9
[!] Redmine 2.6 compatible
[!] Internet Explorer 11 compatible
[!] Jcrop upgraded to 0.9.12
[+] Added Portuguese translation

22.10.2013 RELEASED 1.8
[-] Attached images are visible in exported PDF files (requires RMagick gem)
[+] Added support for KbArticle plug-in

27.06.2013 RELEASED 1.7
[-] JavaScript fix for Firefox 22 compatibility
[+] Added Korean translation

09.05.2013 RELEASED 1.6
[+] Added Italian, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Spanish translations

22.03.2013 RELEASED 1.5
[!] Redmine 2.3 compatible
[*] JavaScript/JQuery fix for Redmine 2.3 compatibility
[+] Added Brazilian Portuguese translation

06.03.2013 RELEASED 1.4
[+] Added German, Japanese, Taiwanese Mandarin, Turkish translations

25.01.2013 RELEASED 1.3
[+] Added French translation

22.01.2013 RELEASED 1.2
[+] Added dialog to copy image link for wiki

21.01.2013 RELEASED 1.1
[!] Supports Redmine version 1.4.0 to 2.2.x
[+] Added Russian translation

18.01.2013 RELEASED 1.0
[+] Added feature
[*] Improved/changed feature
[-] Bug fixed (we hope)
[!] Important info


Redmine plugin for pasting cropped image from clipboard as an attachment.






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