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Methods with no parameters that override a method with parameters output parameter information of overridden method. #71

pgraham opened this Issue Jul 11, 2012 · 1 comment

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pgraham commented Jul 11, 2012

Consider the following inheritance situation:

 * Base constructor.
 * @param string arg1 The first argument.
 * @param strign arg2 The second argument.
abstract class BaseClass {
    public function __construct($arg1, $arg2) { /* ... */ }

 * Concrete constructor.
class ConcreteClass extends BaseClass {
    public function __construct() {
        parent::__construct('value1', 'value2');

Currently, the doc generated for ContreteClass::__construct will contain the parameter information for the base class constructor:

Constructor Detail

public void __construct()


  • arg1 - The first parameter.
  • arg2 - The second parameter.
pgraham commented Jul 11, 2012

Test that demonstrates the issue: a1cdcce

Note that this test is in a branch that requires php5.3 and that the referenced commit is dependant on other commits to this branch.

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