A Perl6 Wrapper for the Lending Club API.
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Lending Club API. I wrote this to further my plan to retire young on a beach somewhere.


A wrapper for the Lending Club API. It wraps all of the functions they currently provide. In the below examples, I modified the return #'s for my example query.


use LendingClub;
use Data::Dump;

my $lc = LendingClub.new(token => 'somesecrettoken', accountId => 12345 ); 

say Dump $lc.summary;'

=begin output
  accountTotal         => 1000000000.00.Rat,
  accruedInterest      => 1.00.Rat,
  availableCash        => 100.00.Rat,
  infundingBalance     => 100.Int,
  investorId           => 12345.Int,
  outstandingPrincipal => 100000000.Rat,
  receivedInterest     => 1.00.Rat,
  receivedLateFees     => 0.Int,
  receivedPrincipal    => 10.00.Rat,
  totalNotes           => 111.Int,
  totalPortfolios      => 5.Int,
=end output

my $dt = DateTime.new( year => 2016, month => 3, day => 3); 
my $transfer = $lc.transferFunds( "LOAD_ONCE", 50.00, $dt.Str );

$lc.cancelTransfers( [ $transfer<transfers>[0]<transferId> ] );

my $avail_notes = $lc.listing;

# .... Some code to decide what notes to invest in from the list.....

$lc.submitOrders( 12345, @some_notes_i_want );


 > panda install LendingClub



Queries for info.

  • summary
  • availableCash
  • pending
  • notes
  • detailedNotes
  • portfolios
  • listing( Bool $showAll = False )

Actions that affect your account.

  • transerFunds( Str $transferFrequency, Rat() $amount, Str $startDate?, Str $endDate?, )
  • cancelTransfers( @transferIds )
  • createPortfolio( Int $aid, Str $portfolioName, Str $portfolioDescription? )
  • submitOrders( Int $aid, @orders ) ** aid is your account number.


  • I haven't tested it as throughly as I wanted. Specifically I don't have multiple account types(investing, and retirement) so I don't know if it works right for people with both.
  • Setting listing to true attempts to get ALL notes on the Lending Club platform. Using a true value for the listing method crashes on my system. I haven't looked into why.


  • More/better tests.


James (Jeremy) Carman developer@peelle.org


  • Mad thanks to ugexe for accepting my pull request. Without his awesome Net::HTTP::* modules, I would have given up on this module. It was the third module of this type I tried.