A python script to grab images from multiple FLIR lepton sensor based purethermal boards.
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Lepton Grabber


This code captures selected frames from video streams from multiple leptons sensor based boards near simultaneously. The frames are captured in Y16 format from Leptons that are preconfigured in radiometric mode. At startup, the code discovers all lepton boards connected to USB ports.



Python 3.6


This code has been tested with Ubuntu 16.10 and Arch Linux.


The libuvc library is sourced from https://github.com/ktossell/libuvc Follow build instructions there and place the built libuvc.so file under "libs" subfolder accompanying the script.

pypng (python)

PyPng is required for writing output to .png format https://pythonhosted.org/pypng/

numpy (python)

Numpy is used for converting grabbed data to structured arrays and subsequently write to csv files.

Program Execution

Command: python3 frame_grabber.py --dbg_interval 60 --dbg_capture_count 10 Would capture once every 60 seconds for 10 capture events.

Program behaviour

The program upon execution does the following for each of the connected lepton sensors:

  • Captures images based on the inteval values specified by the following globals: SLEEP_INTERVAL and CAPTURE_COUNT
  • Write out a CSV file with octal values
  • Write out a PNG file

Sample Images

TODO: Append some sample images here.