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Problem with date storage #108

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I found an issue that the date stored in the database wasn't being stored as UTC. I've changed all date methods to reference the UTC value. It might be worth mentioning that getTime/setTime are UTC relative methods while all else are timezone relative unless otherwise specified.

Since this might break everyone that has used tedious before it might be beneficial to make this type of conversion to be a configuration setting. What do you think?

pekim commented Jul 4, 2013

Would this explain issue #95?


Yeah I think so. I was seeing similar problems on my end.

Btw just noticed the tests failed I'll get on fixing them


Glade you had some tests around this. When looking at the test I realized that I didn't account for the difference in tds and js epoch. Everything should be working now.


Also I noticed that when datetime is being written that it was using a UInt for days when it should just use Int. I believe pull request #106 fixed part of this. Looks like small date should both be UInt though.

Mark Gardner Merge pull request #1 from markgardner/varchar-param
zero length varchar params don't work unless a length greater than zero ...
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