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A Neural Multi-sequence Alignment TeCHnique (NeuMATCH)

YouTube Movie Summaries (YMS) Dataset Release

We are making the dataset YMS (YouTube Movie Summaries) with the annotations and the corresponding video URLs available for research purposes. If you would like to use the dataset for any other purposes please contact the authors.


This dataset contains 94 movie summary videos from various YouTube channels. You can find the explanation of each file below:

YMS/movie_list.txt - the list of video titles with the corresponding numbering

YMS/url_list.txt - the list of video URLs with the corresponding numbering

YMS/annotations_sentences.txt - annotation of the narrator sentences

YMS/annotations_phrases.txt - annotation of the narrator phrases (if available)

YMS/clip_segmentation.txt - list of over-segmented clips that we used in our experiments

In the annotation files, the video parts with "UNMATCHED" annotation represent the clips that do not have any corresponding narrator phrase/sentence. If a video part has an annotation sentence/phrase which starts with "UNMATCHED:", that clip and the phrase/sentence do not have correspondances in the other medium.

Citing NeuMATCH

NeuMATCH was initially described in arXiv and was subsequently published in CVPR 2018.

If you find NeuMATCH useful in your research, or if you use the YMS dataset, please consider citing:

    author    = {Pelin Dogan and Boyang Li and Leonid Sigal and Markus Gross},
    title     = {A Neural Multi-sequence Alignment TeCHnique (NeuMATCH)},
    booktitle = {Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)},
    year      = {2018}


You can reach us via

If you have any questions related to the dataset please let us know.


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