OAuth implementation for Ruby. Note official maintained version is now at http://github.com/mojodna/oauth
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Ruby OAuth


This is a RubyGem for implementing both OAuth clients and servers in Ruby applications.

See the OAuth specs oauth.net/core/1.0/


sudo gem install oauth

The source code is now hosted on the OAuth GitHub Project github.com/oauth/oauth-ruby

The basics

This is a ruby library which is intended to be used in creating Ruby Consumer and Service Provider applications. It is NOT a Rails plugin, but could easily be used for the foundation for such a Rails plugin.

As a matter of fact it has been pulled out from an OAuth Rails Plugin code.google.com/p/oauth-plugin/ which now requires this GEM.

Demonstration of usage

Create a new consumer instance by passing it a configuration hash:

@consumer = OAuth::Consumer.new("key","secret", :site => "https://agree2")

Start the process by requesting a token

@request_token = @consumer.get_request_token
session[:request_token] = @request_token
redirect_to @request_token.authorize_url

When user returns create an access_token

@access_token = @request_token.get_access_token
@photos = @access_token.get('/photos.xml')

Now that you have an access token, you can use Typhoeus to interact with the OAuth provider if you choose.

oauth_params = {:consumer => oauth_consumer, :token => access_token}
hydra = Typhoeus::Hydra.new
req = Typhoeus::Request.new(uri, options) 
oauth_helper = OAuth::Client::Helper.new(req, oauth_params.merge(:request_uri => uri))
req.headers.merge!({"Authorization" => oauth_helper.header}) # Signs the request
@response = req.response

More Information

How to submit patches

The source code is now hosted on the OAuth GitHub Project github.com/oauth/oauth-ruby

To submit a patch, please fork the oauth project and create a patch with tests. Once you're happy with it send a pull request and post a message to the google group.


This code is free to use under the terms of the MIT license.


OAuth Ruby has been created and maintained by a large number of talented individuals. The current maintainer is Aaron Quint (quirkey).

Comments are welcome. Send an email to via the OAuth Ruby mailing list groups.google.com/group/oauth-ruby