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@@ -1,10 +1,12 @@
+ - mongoid support in rails 3 [Alexander Semyonov]
- OAUTH 2.0 authorization_code and password grant types
- Supports OAuth 2.0 draft 10 (Note this is incompatible with previous drafts)
- Refactored application_controller_methods to be a lot less intrusive
- Increased default token and key size in anticipation of OAuth2 support
- Rails 3 support
- Rails 3 generators [Paul Rosiana] and patches by [Alexander Flatter]
+ - Modularized Rails 3 generators [Alexander Semyonov]
- Callback urls now allow query parameters. Multiple patches but I used [Unk]'s.
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ We support the revised OAuth 1.0a specs at:
-As well as beginning support for OAuth 2.0:
+As well as support for OAuth 2.0:
@@ -47,7 +47,34 @@ I think the only real issue is that the views have .html.erb extensions. So thes
Please let me know if this works and I will see if I can make the generator conditionally create .rhtml for pre 2.0 versions of RAILS.
-== OAuth Provider generator
+== OAuth Provider generator (Rails 3)
+This currently supports rspec, test_unit, haml, erb, active_record and mongoid:
+ rails g oauth_provider
+This generates OAuth and OAuth client controllers as well as the required models.
+It requires an authentication framework such as acts_as_authenticated, restful_authentication or restful_open_id_authentication. It also requires Rails 2.0.
+=== Generator Options
+The generator supports the defaults you have created in your application.rb file. eg:
+ config.generators do |g|
+ g.orm :mongoid
+ g.template_engine :haml
+ g.test_framework :rspec
+ end
+=== User Model
+Add the following lines to your user model:
+ has_many :client_applications
+ has_many :tokens, :class_name=>"OauthToken",:order=>"authorized_at desc",:include=>[:client_application]
+== OAuth Provider generator (Rails 2)
While it isn't very flexible at the moment there is an oauth_provider generator which you can use like this:
@@ -259,18 +286,24 @@ You could add application specific information to the OauthToken and ClientAppli
The oauth_consumer generator creates a controller to manage the authentication flow between your application and any number of external OAuth secured applications that you wish to connect to.
-To run it simply run:
+To run it in Rails 3 simply run:
+ rails g oauth_consumer
+In previous versions:
./script/generate oauth_consumer
This generates the OauthConsumerController as well as the ConsumerToken model.
-=== Generator Options
+=== Generator Options (Rails 2)
By default the generator generates ERB templates. The generator can instead create HAML templates. To do this use the following options:
./script/generate oauth_consumer --haml
+Rails 3 respects your application defaults, see the oauth provider generator section above for more info.
=== Configuration
All configuration of applications is done in
@@ -319,7 +352,7 @@ eg. If you connect to Yahoo's FireEagle you would add the :fire_eagle entry to O
This allows you to add a has_one association in your user model:
- has_one :fire_eagle,:class_name=>"FireEagleToken", :dependent=>:destroy
+ has_one :fire_eagle, :class_name=>"FireEagleToken", :dependent=>:destroy
And you could do:
@@ -363,8 +396,6 @@ Run them as any other normal migration in rails with:
== More
-The Google Code project is
The Mailing List for all things OAuth in Ruby is:
@@ -377,4 +408,4 @@ The OAuth Ruby Gem home page is
Please help documentation, patches and testing.
-Copyright (c) 2007-2009 Pelle Braendgaard, released under the MIT license
+Copyright (c) 2007-2010 Pelle Braendgaard and contributors, released under the MIT license
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