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django-compress provides an automated system for compressing CSS and JavaScript files. By default, it only outputs compressed files, while not in DEBUG-mode. That means you can still debug and edit your source files while coding, and when going to production, the compressed files will be automatically generated.

Support for jsmin and CSSTidy is included and enabled by default (but can easily be disabled).

django-compress includes template tags for outputting the URLs to the CSS/JavaScript-files and some other goodies to improve the performance of serving static media.

See the following wiki-pages for more information:

  • Introduction
  • Features
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Usage
  • FarFutureExpires
  • Customization

django-compress was written by Andreas Pelme <>. Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions etc.

The Python-version of jsmin ( is included in django-compress. It was translated from to Python by Baruch Evan, from the original jsmin implementation by Douglas Crockford.

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