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Geoshaper draws shapes in a map.


Download the appropriate binaries from the release page.

Compiling it yourself requires rust nightly. After checkout, run with:

cargo run --release

Remark that because the map grids can be quite large, running in debug mode will be very very slow.

By default runshapr will open a web server on port 8000. Change the port by specifying the ROCKET_PORT environment variable. For example to run on port 11111,

ROCKET_PORT=11111 cargo run --release

When the server receives a request for some location, it will look for a corresponding OpenStreetMap GEOJSON file that contains its road data. I suggest downloading from MapZen.

The GEOJSON file must be saved in a subdirectory of the working directory (for example in ./maps) and it must have a name that contains the location and ends in "geojson" or "geojson.bz2". For example, you could save the data file for New York as "maps/new york.geojson". The name is not case sensitive but it is space-sensitive.

Optionally you may also specify bounds for the location. Sometimes the map data includes excessive suburbs. See houston_texas_bounds.json for an example. The filename must contain the location name and the word "bounds" and end in "json". Otherwise I use the entire input dataset.

Verify correctness by inspecting .grid.png which should contain a road grid of the location during the first shape trace.