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Rails One Click Install for Mac Os X (10.6 or higher)

Rails One Click is the perfect tool for installing and managing rails applications.

Rails One Click is targeted at beginner who have little or no programming experience, or to developers who want to try rails but don't want to bother about installing ruby and managing dependencies.

Rails one click creates a sandboxed Ruby environment accessible within the app. When you're ready to move on simply delete the directory created by Rails One Click.

Project Status: ALPHA

This software is not ready for beginners, yet. However, the basic functionalities are already there.

If you can, please test the installation process in your system.

Here's a video of how you can test the app.

Please excuse my pronunciation, it's been a long night!

You can download the app here.

Here's how you can help:

  • download and try the app (there's a video linked in the README)
  • contribute directly to the code. If you're not into Cocoa, please look into the scripts folder to see if everything makes sense
  • discuss about app usability (this is very important, but keep in mind this is targeted at beginners, I don't want to end up with multiple rubies for example)
  • Open issues on Github!

Follow me on Github and Twitter to keep up with development.

Ruby sandbox

Ruby is installed inside Documents/rails_one_click. That way if you ever mess up with something you can just erase that folder.


Development: Oscar Del Ben (@oscardelben)

UI: Zach Inglis (@zachinglis)

Early Development screenshots

Rails One Click

Rails One Click

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