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Subdomain Restrictions

A general purpose plugin for limiting a model to a subdomain by way of an
ActiveRecord model. This is a three pronged approach.

The controller must find the specified model, and raises a 404 if it is not
found. It also sets the current subdomain into the model for all later access.

The model side of things will restrict all finds to the scope of the
subdomain, if you want. It's a salt-shaker approach. You know, you salt
your beans and potatoes but not your steak. It will validate that the
association exists for all salted models, too.

For convienence, it also provides a looping iterator to evaluate your entire
Rails application in the scope of each defined subdomain. Just give it a
block and it will do whatever you want for each site in turn.

The last bit is the session. The session gets all access automatically
scoped to a subhash keyed on the subdomain as a symbol. That way you can
log into a site named 'foo' and not be logged into 'bar'.

For a final bit of hotness, when you run a script/console session, there will
be no restrictions placed on your actions unless you manually call
YourSubdomain.current = YourSubdomain.find_by_code 'somesite'
This way you can manually adminster all of the models without any hassle.