A minimalist platform for hosting webcomics. Gives a nice browsing experience due to AJAX navigation.
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This minimal webcomics platform is available under the terms of the permissive MIT license. While not required, if you do something interesting with the code, please drop us a line; we'd love to know what you're up to!

Project Setup

Want to run a comics server for yourself? Maybe you'd rather send us a bug fix or new feature? Get started here.

##Docker Setup

If you're unfamiliar with Docker, this might be a little tricky for you. It's worth learning though; power through it until you understand!

  • Install Docker and Docker Compose for your platform
  • Run docker-compose build
  • Run docker-compose up -d
  • The site will now be running on http://localhost
  • Enter a shell on the docker django machine docker exec -it YOUR_CONTAINER_ID bash
  • Create the database python3 manage.py migrate
  • Add a superuser python3 manage.py createsuperuser
  • Collect static files python3 manage.py collectstatic
  • Add Data into the Django Admin.
  • Open the Site in a Web Browser.


  • Social link previews
  • Extended Markdown for tag links; update transcripts and wiki pages
  • Refine Tag, TagType, and Archive Pages
  • Archive/Transcript/Tag Search
  • Translations
  • Fix Navigation on VERY old browsers and crawlers (anchor fallback for no js)
  • Domain-specific routing
  • Main Page (temporarily just redirecting to swords)

AWS Ubuntu Setup

Here's a rough outline of what I did to get this server deployed on an Ubuntu AWS EC2 instance.

# Fix an annoying bug in AWS. This will be the last "unable to resolve host" error you see
sudo sh -c 'echo " $(hostname)" >> /etc/hosts'

# Get Docker
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https ca-certificates curl software-properties-common
curl -fsSL https://download.docker.com/linux/ubuntu/gpg | sudo apt-key add -
sudo apt-key fingerprint 0EBFCD88
sudo add-apt-repository "deb [arch=amd64] https://download.docker.com/linux/ubuntu $(lsb_release -cs) stable"
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install docker-ce
# OPTIONAL: if you don't want to use docker as sudo
# sudo groupadd docker
# sudo usermod -aG docker $USER
# sudo systemctl enable docker

# Get docker-compose
sudo curl -L https://github.com/docker/compose/releases/download/1.22.0/docker-compose-`uname -s`-`uname -m` -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
sudo chmod 777 /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

# Get the project
git clone https://github.com/pennomi/comics.git
cd comics
sudo docker-compose build
sudo docker-compose up -d

# Configure SSL Cert with Let's Encrypt
# First, set your DNS to the public IP address of the server
sudo docker exec -it <container_id> bash
certbot --nginx -d <your_domain_name>

# Create the database for administration
./manage.py migrate
./manage.py createsuperuser
./manage.py collectstatic