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Throttle is a StackPHP middleware for limiting how often individual IPs can make requests to an application. It's very simple and loosely inspired by Ruby / Rack's datagraph/rack-throttle library.

Throttle can only use Predis at the moment. I would like to write some adapters to allow the use of other clients soon.

Sample usage with a Silex App:

    require_once __DIR__.'/../vendor/autoload.php';

    $app = new \Silex\Application();

    $stack = (new Stack\Builder())
	    ->push('pno\Throttle', new \Predis\Client());

    $app = $stack->resolve($app);

It works by tracking the number of requests that come from a particular IP during a given interval of time. The default limit is 360 requests per 3600 seconds - i.e., one request per 10 seconds for each hour. If an IP has hit the limit, Throttle responds by sending a Symfony 403 response with the message "Rate limit exceeded".

You can override any of those defaults by passing them to Throttle's constructor.

If you're using the Stack\Builder class to apply your middlewares, and you would like to limit IPs to 2 requests every 10 seconds, and give a more colorful response message, you could do something like this:

    $response = new Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response('STAY OFF MY LAWN!!! >:(', 403);
    $stack = (new Stack\Builder())
        ->push('pno\Throttle', new Predis\Client(), 2, 10, $response);

And ah yes, lest I forget: this has been added to packagist, for the convenience, wonder and bemusement of all:

  • "pno/throttle": "dev-master"


StackPHP middleware for throttling HTTP requests with Predis



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