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Define job in project as YML
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Define jobs from project

Render Jenkins job and execute commands from jenkins.yml. These two steps are completely independant.

jenkins_yml provide a python API to render a Jenkins job XML config from a YAML payload. It does not manage Jenkins I/O to effectively create the job. See Jenkins EPO to create jobs and schedule builds from GitHub.

Finally, jenkins_yml provide a simple yet pluggable CLI script to executes de tests commands from jenkins.yml.

Jenkins Job features

The purpose of Jenkins YML is not to expose all Jenkins features, but to setup a sane default set of features you expect from a CI, and ask you the question you value.

  • Define parameters and default values.
  • Define matrix job axis.
  • Define periodic job.
  • Target Jenkins node per build.
  • Search git clone reference in /var/lib/jenkins/references/<owner>/<repository>/. It's up to you to create a mirror clone here or not.
  • Set GitHub commit status to pending.
  • Parameterized revision.
  • Define after_script, always runned after build, even on abort.
  • Collect arctefacts from _ci/ directory. Full path is available in CI_ARTEFACTS env var.
  • Reads XUnit XML from _ci/xunit*.xml.
  • Reads coverage report from coverage.xml.
  • Globally disable jobs from Jenkins.


On your Jenkins executor, pip3 install jenkins-yml and then use jenkins-yml-runner as shell command.

jenkins.yml format

Put a jenkins.yml file at the root of the project. This file contains a mapping of JOB_NAME to scripts. For example:

app-lint: |
  flake8 app/

    TOXENV: [py27, py34, py35]
  script: |
    tox -r

  script: |
    tox -e sphinx -r

To test a job, simply run:

JOB_NAME=app-test jenkins-yml-runner
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