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@peosdev peosdev released this Sep 12, 2019

This is a bonus early release of the pEOS wallet. This is mainly for the pEOS enthusiasts out there.

With this release we striped the feature set that can't be used with the current version of the pEOS smart contract deployed on the mainnet, and we are left with a working wallet that can be used right now. We want to give users something that can actually be useful, and provide features that only pEOS has today, even at an alpha stage. So this release can be used to provide two nice unique features: pseudo-anonymity, and holding PEOS without having an EOS account.

Keep in mind that the code is alpha, and things lots of times will break or not work properly. For example, the history graph will probably show incorrect data most of the time. Your funds, however, are safe as long as you keep your seed words safe. Having said that: Use at your own risk! :)


* Support for staking PEOS tokens
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