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PeP et al. Toolbox-Workshop Creative Commons License CI

Dieses Repository enthält Materialien zum PeP et al. Toolbox-Workshop.

Folgende Themen sind Teil des Workshops:

  • Erste Woche
    • Python-Grundlagen
    • numpy
    • scipy
    • matplotlib
    • uncertainties
    • git
    • Unix-Kommandozeile
  • Zweite Woche
    • Umgang mit LaTeX


The programming code examples in this material are shared under the GnuGPLv3 license. The lecture material (e.g. jupyter notebooks) are shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License:, so they cannot be used for commercial training / tutorials / lectures.

Build Requirements

  • up-to-date TeXLive 2022
  • up-to-date anaconda3 (using python 3.9) or miniconda with packages in environment.yml
  • poppler (for pdfseparate)
  • wget


For TeXLive and anaconda, follow the installation instruction on

Create the environment with the required packages using

conda env create -f environment.yml

and activate it each time you are working in this project using

conda activate toolbox


  • brew install poppler wget


  • sudo apt install poppler-utils


  • sudo pacman -S poppler

Working with git

We use the github workflow in this repository, see

In short, to contribute:

  1. Create a new branch using git branch <name>
  2. Switch to it using git checkout <name>
  3. Make changes and commit
  4. Push the Branch using git push -u origin <name>
  5. Open a Pull Request on github.