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HTTPAceProxy allows you to watch Ace Stream live streams or BitTorrent files over HTTP. It's written in Python and work on any OS where a Python2 (>=2.7.10) or Python3 (>=3.4), or PyPy2.7(3.6) with required dependencies gevent (>=1.3.3), psutil (>= 5.3.0) are installed. Installed ffmpeg or VLC is an optional, but highly recommended, for fine tuning for yourself.

HTTPAceProxy supports Ace Stream Content-ID hashes (PIDs), .acelive files, infohash, usual torrent files and has a different plugins for simple use with SmartTV, KODI, VLC etc. for TorrentTV, AllFon, Torrent monitor and other.

Be careful with viewing torrent files. You can get copyright abuse with a huge fines ! It depends on the copyright legislation of your country !