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Trafikverket Train Timetable as MagicMirror² Module
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Additional Module for MagicMirror², to display train departure times for railway stations within Sweden, as supplied by the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket).

Using this module requires registration with Trafikverket/Trafiklab see section Base API.

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  1. Navigate into your MagicMirros's modules folder.
  2. Clone repository git clone
cd MMM-Trains-Trafikverket && npm install

Run the test npm script

npm test


To use this module, add it to the modules array in the config/config.js file:

modules: [
      module: "MMM-Trains-Trafikverket",
      position: "bottom_right",
      header: "Avgångar Malmö C",
      config: {
        key: "API-key", // Required
        // Station name for which to continously fetch departure data
        name: "Malmö C", // Required
        // Max number of departures to show at once
        count: 5, // Optional
        // Retry while loading data in ms
        retryDelay: 5 * 1000, // Optional
        // Display update interval in ms
        updateInterval:  2 * 60 * 1000, // Optional
        // Hours to look ahead
        hoursAhead: 15, // Optional
        // Max number of lines in list
        maxItems: 5, // Optional


Name must be the exact official(?) Trafikverket string. Valid names can be tried out downloading and running

API-key as described below. Defaults for optional fields as in example above.

Base API

This module uses the Swedish Transport Administration open API, Trafikverket öppet API. A valid API-key is required:

  • Register with Trafikverket/Trafiklab:
  • Log in at:
  • Get a free API-key:
  • Set up a Trafiklab project:
  • Choose Trafikverket öppet API as project API to use:
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