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Composer is a song editor for creating (and converting) notes for music games in various formats. It attempts to make the process easy by automating as much as possible while providing a simple and attractive interface to do the remaining manual work.



  • Song pitch analysis based on the esteemed algorithms from Performous.
  • Zoomable interface to quickly get an overview or doing very precise timing.
  • Possibility to synthesize the notes to get a feel of their "sound".
  • Import/export in various formats including:
    • SingStar XML
    • UltraStar TXT
    • Frets on Fire MIDI
    • LRC

Latest builds

Build & Install

For building the master branch you will need: Qt5: Core, Gui, Widgets, Network, XML, Multimedia, Multimedia-widgets, Multimedia-plugins and Platform files

FFmpeg/Libav: LibAVCodec, LibAVUtil, LibAVFormat, LibSWResample

Other: Zlib, Xvid, ssleay, libxml, libx264, libvorbis, libtheora, libspeex, libpng, libstdc++, libpcre, libopus, libopencore, libogg, libnettle, libmp3lame, liblzma, libintl, libiconv, libhogweed, libharfbuzz, libgnutls, libgmp, glib, libgcc, libfreetype, libeay32, libbz2, libbluray, icuuc, icuin, icudt.

Build for linux: To build for linux simply install the required libraries through your distribution's package manager along with CMake. Then create a build folder and use cmake (or cmake-gui) to generate your makefiles. Then make && make install (last command might require root privileges).

Build for Windows: To build for Windows simply install the required libraries through vcpkg. Then startup Visual Studio and let cmake generate your makefiles. Then build the project and make it run.