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Alternate Realities

Repository for the code, readings and resources for the Alternate Realities class at NYU AD Spring 2017


Pierre Depaz ( - C3-032

Course notes

Office hours

Wednesday — 13:00 - 18:00

(but anytime as long as you write me an email, I'm happy to meet, really)

Words of Wisdom

From Frieder Nake, pioneer of computer graphics and computer art.

Course Description

Alternate realities, whether all-encompassing (Virtual Reality - VR) or additive (Augmented Reality -AR) are becoming more and more ubiquitous. This can be attributed to two emerging dynamics. The first is the wide availability on the consumer market of a range of newly developed hardware, from cheap DIY kits such as the Google Cardboard to full motion-capture systems like the HTC Vive. The second, in parallel, is the stream-lined development process that has emerge as a result of relatively free software and easily accessible professional code libraries. The combination of both phenomenons has made it easier than ever to prototype, experiment with, and release alternate forms of reality. With these new technologies at our disposal, how can we harness them to push our conceptual understanding of storytelling, personal expression, and social experiences into unchartered territories?

In this hands-on design and production course, students will be introduced to 3D software development through the Unity platform as well as a design framework for producing interactive alternate reality experiences. Over the course of the semester, students will learn the basics of spatial design, networking, interaction design, and sound. Each student group will ultimately produce a project that will be experienced and interacted with on the HTC Vive.


Repository for the code, readings and resources for the Alternate Realities class at NYU AD Spring 2018




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