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A collection of standalone music tools.


A multi-function midi sequencer that runs on a Novation Launchpad Pro and a headless computer like a Raspberry Pi. Hachi is written in Java, and so can run on a Pi (tested), a Mac (tested), and many other platforms (untested), with or without keyboard and monitor.

Hachi (= "eight" in Japanese) can run up to 8 "modules" at a time. Available modules include several midi sequencers, a paint/animation toy, and a sequencer-controller that lets you coordinate your sequencers. Hachi is a generalized version of this simpler sequencer that I wrote for the original Launchpad. That basic sequencer runs as one module in Hachi.


  • Getting Started: how to set up your computer and MIDI devices to run Issho applications.
  • Hachi: how to use Hachi, and how to configure and use various modules.
  • Hachi Development: details about Hachi's code and how to write your own modules.


Tracking bugs, needed improvements, and all-new features using issues here in Github, but also via HuBoard.

Release notes

2019-10-06 v1.0.7

  • Add element tracks to Seq module.
  • Use tap/press for selecting and toggling steps on note and element tracks.
  • Combined the GATE and VELOCITY editing modes in Seq, since tap/press allows both.
  • Finer element of value settings for velocity and controllers.
  • Add MONO mode to Seq, for sequencing monophonic melodies.
  • Moved outdated modules into a 'deprecated' package.
  • Updated to java 12, updated Module reference.

2018-10-14 v1.0.6

  • Fix hang on shutdown.
  • Step module goes into random mode while receiving a fill signal.
  • Updates from s0len0id for running on Windows.
  • Independent input and output MIDI settings.

2017-11-26 v1.0.5

  • In Beatbox, combine jump and play modes into a single mode. Add momentary pitch element and measure clock.
  • In Shihai, a fill button that tells all Sessionizeable modules to play a fill.
  • In Paraphonic, add controller sequencing.
  • Add ValueSettable, which allows an external midi controller to be used for setting values (in addition to the array of 8 buttons).
  • Fix bug in displaying midi channel in Settings.
  • Send midi program change on session load; values set in config.
  • In Paraphonic, replace pattern clear with edit select, to allow editing of patterns that aren't currently playing.

2017-09-13 v1.0.4

  • In Beatbox, add auto-generated fill patterns that are played when holding down the fill button
  • In Beatbox, add sequencing of pitch bend per pattern step
  • In Beatbox, fix bug where chain wouldn't reset on stop/start

2017-09-06 v1.0.3

  • In Step, if multiple note modifiers are added to a stage, play the notes one at a time, from low to high
  • Added framework for different multi-note modes, but implemented only low-to-high

2017-09-02 v1.0.2

  • Session copy/clear from settings screen for Beatbox & Para
  • Follow 24ppqn MIDI clock, enable swing by MIDI pulse
  • Allow multiple devices to element Hachi simultaneously
  • Beatbox replaces Rhythm
  • Minibeat module
  • Memory management app

2017-01-29: v1.0.1

  • Add configurable keyboard device
  • Added Chords, ChordReceiver, ChordModule to track chords from keyboard device and apply chords to outgoing MIDI notes
  • Updated MonoModule and StepModule to extend ChordModule so they follow chords
  • Added chord options to keyboard configuration
  • Updated doc to cover chords and keyboard configuration
  • Added tests for Chords


Here is our friend, the other Hachi:

The Other Hachi


A standalone sequencer for grid-based devices.






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