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Universal Perl 6 repository (formerly called "pugs repository")
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This used to be the pugs repository, but is nowadays a generic repository
for hosting anything related to Perl 6. In particular, it contains the
standard grammar, some implementations like SMOP,
mildew, v6 and elf, various Perl 6 examples, documentation efforts and examples.

Other parts of the former pugs repository have been moved to other


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to to ask on the
irc:// IRC channel, or send an email to either or Do the same to obtain a commit
bit for this repository.

Many outdated things have been removed from this repository. If you still want
to see them, check out revision r30211 (git sha1 6f0203060f), which was shortly before the big cleaning.


We are rather liberal with what you can do here.
The only limitations are: be friendly, stay on topic (projects in here should
be related to Perl 6 in some way), only put free software in here, 

All code and documentation in this repository is considered as shared, so you
are free to improve and enhance other people's code, and you should be open to
contributions from others.
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