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use v6;
use Test;
=begin pod
This file was derived from the perl5 CPAN module Perl6::Rules,
version 0.3 (12 Apr 2004), file t/named_cap.t.
It has (hopefully) been, and should continue to be, updated to
be valid perl6.
=end pod
plan 30;
# L<S05/Named scalar aliasing to subpatterns/If a named scalar alias is applied>
ok("abcd" ~~ m/a $<foo>=(..) d/, 'Hypothetical variable capture');
is(~$/<foo>, "bc", 'Hypothetical variable captured');
my $foo;
#?rakudo 2 skip 'Package variable capture RT #125122'
ok("abcd" ~~ m/a $foo=(..) d/, 'Package variable capture');
is(~$foo, "bc", 'Package variable captured');
# L<S05/Numbered scalar aliasing/If any numbered alias is used>
ok("abcd" ~~ m/a $1=(.) $0=(.) d/, 'Reverse capture');
is(~$0, "c", '$0 captured');
is(~$1, "b", '$1 captured');
# L<S05/Named scalar aliases applied to non-capturing brackets/If a named scalar alias>
my regex two {..}
ok("abcd" ~~ m/a $<foo>=[<two>] d/, 'Compound hypothetical capture');
is(~$/<two>, "bc", 'Implicit hypothetical variable captured');
is(~$/<foo>, "bc", 'Explicit hypothetical variable captured');
$foo = "";
#?rakudo 3 skip 'Package variable capture RT #125122'
ok("abcd" ~~ m/a $foo=[<two>] d/, 'Mixed capture');
is(~$/<two>, "bc", 'Implicit hypothetical variable captured');
is($foo, "bc", 'Explicit package variable captured');
ok("a cat_O_9_tails" ~~ m:s/<alpha> <ident>/, 'Standard captures' );
is(~$/<alpha>, "a", 'Captured <?alpha>' );
is(~$/<ident>, "cat_O_9_tails", 'Captured <?ident>' );
ok("Jon Lee" ~~ m:s/$<first>=(<.ident>) $<family>=(<ident>)/, 'Repeated standard captures' );
is(~$/<first>, "Jon", 'Captured $first' );
is(~$/<family>, "Lee", 'Captured $family' );
is(~$/<family><ident>, "Lee", 'Captured <ident>' );
ok("foo => 22" ~~ m:s/$0=(foo) '=>' (\d+) | $1=(\d+) '<=' $0=(foo) /, 'Pair match' );
is(~$0, 'foo', 'Key match' );
is(~$1, '22', 'Value match' );
ok("22 <= foo" ~~ m:s/$0=(foo) '=>' (\d+) | $1=(\d+) '<=' $0=(foo) /, 'Pair match');
is(~$0, 'foo', 'Reverse key match');
is(~$1, '22', 'Reverse value match');
ok("foobar" ~~ m/$42=. (..) (...) /, 'Capture starting at non-zero');
is(~$42, 'f', 'Capture starting at non-zero, explicit');
is(~$43, 'oo', 'Capture starting at non-zero, incremented once');
is(~$44, 'bar', 'Capture starting at non-zero, incremented twice');
# vim: ft=perl6
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