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use v6;
use Test;
plan 5;
# L<S13/"Syntax"/"If you declared a state variable within the body, for instance, there would only be one of them.">
# test the general multiple signatures functionality
class Base {has $.value is rw;}
class Exponent {has $.value is rw;}
multi sub infix:<+> (Base $b, Exponent $e) |
(Exponent $e, Base $b) {$b.value ** $e.value}
my $base =;
my $exp =;
$base.value = 2;
$exp.value = 5;
is($base + $exp, 32, 'First order works');
is($exp + $base, 32, 'Second order works');
# specifically make sure that there is only one state variable
# this tells us that there is only one multi sub body
multi sub postfix:<!> (Base $x) | #OK not used
(Exponent $x) {state $counter = 0; return ++$counter;} #OK not used
is($base!, 1, 'shared routine test 1');
is($exp!, 2, 'shared routine test 2');
is($base!, 3, 'shared routine test 3');
# vim: ft=perl6