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avoid possible loss of last directory

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commit d8e79e0d63d0e1b0e05fd36f9e31c378678fccc3 1 parent 23a53e0
@xsawyerx xsawyerx authored
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@@ -312,6 +312,13 @@ sub _init {
my ($script_vol, $script_dirs, $script_name) =
+ # normalize
+ if ( -d ( my $fulldir = File::Spec->catdir( $script_dirs, $script_name ) ) ) {
+ $script_dirs = $fulldir;
+ $script_name = '';
+ }
my @script_dirs = File::Spec->splitdir($script_dirs);
my $script_path = Dancer::FileUtils::d_catdir($script_vol, $script_dirs);

8 comments on commit d8e79e0


When adding the previous patch which this patch augments, I didn't bother adding a normalize check like that because the splitpath is splitting the location of the $script which is pulled in by shift. By definition the script will always be a file, so $script_name will always be a file, so as far as I can see this check is a bit unnecessary, and just adds clock cycles - or am I missing something...?


Unfortunately I got bit pretty good by it. I don't remember when, but I can explain why.

splitdir() did not check whether it's a directory or file, and continued to shift the last node. It was pretty fucked up and I saw the issue live.

I think splitdir() checks for stuff that end with a trailing slash as an indication of a directory, much like realpath().

Anyway, it was put in place to prevent a nasty bug which occurred. :)


I know what you mean about the ambiguity of splitdir(), that is why I rejigged path_no_verify() in Dancer::FileUtils to use splitpath() instead. But with respect to this particular instance of the sanity check, the line exactly before it creates $script_name by splitting $script, which is, of course, the name of the currently executing script. By definition it will always be a file (the script can't be a directory!?), so having the check on $script_name here seems redundant. Anyway, if you retain it just as a mental prompter for caution (because There Be Dragons) I can see the validity, but I just mention that here a speedup can be acheived by removing that particular instance of the check because it will always be positive. Maybe it could be replaced with a comment urging to reinstate the check if anything more funky is done with $script_name in the preceding lines...?


If of course there is ever the chance that the @_ which is passed into _init_script_dir() is anything other than the actual script name (?!) then disregard my comments here entirely, although if that is the case it seems a little confusingly non-intuitive to be calling it $script...


Rowan, I think you misunderstood me.

This isn't a mental reminder, this fixed a bug. :)


:-) I understood that you fixed the error when $script has been set to a directory and was wrongly treated as a file, and that led me to my next point... This function starts by taking the name of the $script as input, trimming the file-part, and setting the parent directory as the $script_path. If anything is handing this function a directory-name as $script (?!) then that is the actual bug. Logic dictates that this function should never receive a directory as the script-name. I think the fix you add in this patch obviously fixes some error, but the error it fixes is in whatever function commits the error, and should fix it there, rather than concealing it after it reaches this function, because then it might also conceal any other as-yet-unknown errors being handed in by other functions. Also, on reflection, the "handing a directory to _init_script_dir()" error might be connected to a buggy behaviour I've already noticed a few times - where a run of some tests from the test-suite end up leaving "logs" dirs parallel to the app_dir rather than inside it (setting the grandparent-dir-of-the-script, rather than the parent-dir)...


I can see what you're saying, and I agree with you.

I don't intend to do this at the moment, but I do believe the entire path issue needs a clean rewrite.


OK. At least the "heads up" is registered :-) I'll post the "$script receiving dir-names" bug as an issue so it serves as a TODO of sorts.

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