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bin replace LWP usage with HTTP::Tiny and HTTP::CookieJar (for tests) Nov 7, 2015
contrib add Feb 23, 2013
examples/dancr fine-tuning Jul 4, 2013
lib to_json/from_json deprecation note for hash options Feb 10, 2017
.current_cover_stats current conver stats Dec 23, 2010
.gitignore gitignore Sep 9, 2014
.perlcriticrc Dancer::Plugin now uses Exporter to export symbols Sep 24, 2010
MANIFEST Add new test to MANIFEST Feb 14, 2016
MANIFEST.SKIP Add this new test to the MANIFEST so dzil test runs. Jan 31, 2016
TODO various typos\r\rfixes #938 Jan 4, 2014
dist.ini Implement support for use of YAML::XS for serialization and reading c… Oct 12, 2016 adding perltidy line for aligning the code style Jan 29, 2010