Query hgt files (typically SRTM elevation data) with performance
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Read and query HGT files, for example from SRTM, for elevation data with high performance. Optionally, this module can also use cached and automatically download HGT files as required.

node-hgt tries to be reasonably performant. A rough benchmark shows it can do 1.8M elevation calculations per second on my years old laptop.


npm install --save node-hgt


Load and query a HGT file:

    var hgt = new Hgt(__dirname + '/data/N57E011.hgt', [57, 11]);
    // Return elevation in meters above sea level.
    // By default, elevation is interpolated bilinearly.
    hgt.getElevation([57, 11])

Use a cache directory of HGT files for querying. Missing data will be downloaded using the elevation data index from imagico.de, by default.

    var tileset = new TileSet('./data/');
    tileset.getElevation([57.7, 11.9], function(err, elevation) {
        if (err) {
            console.log('getElevation failed: ' + err.message);
        } else {

There's also a synchronous tile set, if you know before hand which area you will query:

    var tileset = new SyncTileSet('./data/', [57, 11], [58, 12], function(err) {
        if (err) {

        // All tiles are loaded (or downloaded, if they were not already on disk)
        // and queries can be made synchronous.

        var elevation = tileset.getElevation([57.7, 11.9]);