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Code for various sites hosted in the main infrastructure.

Clone the source

   git clone git://
   cd perlweb
   git submodule update --init

Install dependencies

If you have Dist::Zilla and App::cpanminus installed you can just run:

((cd combust; dzil listdeps); dzil listdeps) | sort -u | cpanm

Configure combust.conf

The application expects a file called combust.conf to exist in the root directory. You can start with the combust.conf.sample file and then add

servername = cpanratings.local

servername = wwwperl.local

... etc. Add wwwperl.local and cpanratings.local to your /etc/hosts file so they point to

Database setup

For some sites you also need to configure a (MySQL) database server. Setup the [database-combust] section in the combust.conf file and add a section for cpanratings like:

alias = combust

Then run:

   export CBROOTLOCAL=`pwd`
   export CBROOT=$CBROOTLOCAL/combust
   ./combust/bin/database_update combust
   ./combust/bin/database_update cpanratings

To setup the database schemas. When the schemas change, you can run the database_update command again to get updated.

Start httpd

   export CBROOTLOCAL=`pwd`
   export CBROOT=$CBROOTLOCAL/combust

You should now be able to access http://wwwperl.local:8225/


perlweb is Copyright 2003-2012 Ask Bjørn Hansen. See the LICENSE file.