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Some people at work are enamored of Perl 5's Test::Class, so I thought I'd have a look at it. This module is an attempt to recreate much of the same functionality for Perl 6.

There are no docs yet. See the programs in examples/ for how to use it.

Random things that come to mind though:

  • this Test::Class is a role that you can compose into your own classes

  • Instead of running, you execute or

  • where in P5 you'd say "sub foo : Test", here you'd say "method foo is test"

  • instead of ": Test(no_plan)", you say "is test(*)" or "is tests"

  • this Test::Class will also export the Test routines so that you don't have to (i.e., in P5 you'd need to say "use Test::Class; use Test::More;" if you wanted to use the is(), ok(), etc. routines. For this version of Test::Class, you just say "use Test::Class;" and you've automatically got those routines in your lexical scope)