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Silly operating system-like toy
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Welcome to cocOS. This is not intended to be a "real" operating system, which it indeed will never be; writing an operating system (let alone the kernel) is a full-time job for a number of people for a significant number of months, if not years. Rather, this is my personal playground, toying around with the 64-bit architecture just for fun.



  • Vagrant
  • Knowledge about how to copy-paste commands into a terminal. 😉

Setting up the development environment

$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh

Building the kernel

$ cd Kernel
$ make
$ make install # Will update floppy.img

The result is that the floppy.img floppy disk image will get updated with the 32-bit loader and the 64-bit kernel of the cocOS system. You can mount this image in a virtualization software (like VirtualBox), and you should be able to boot the system. (It doesn't do much useful yet, apart from printing a message that it has been started.)

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