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#Umbraco 7 samples

Code from my UK Umbraco festival 2013, to install, simply copy the app_code and app_plugins folder to the root of your site, run the people.sql against the current database, and finally restart your website.

##What is this?

The included files was used during my session to show how you build a tree, intergrate it with a context menu, wire it up to dialogs, and editor, and how we make those views fetch and submit data to the server. Finally we reuse a lot of our logic, building a custom picker property editor to assign custom data to a document.

Read the attached for each step with some additional comments

##Folder structure

###App_code Contains all serverside classes to construct the tree and the rest-endpoint in the shape of a treecontroller and an apicontroller.

person.cs describes the data we are passing around, mapping it to the people DB table. This is done with the embedded petapoco orm in umbraco.

PeopleTreeController.cs exposes methods for the tree, and does the configuration to register it in umbracos /config/tree.config file. It contains 2 methods, 2 for returning nodes for the tree, and on for returning menu actions when requested.

PersonApiController.cs exposes the different methods the person.resource.cs uses in editors and dialogs to retrieve and modify person data. Its a UmbracoAuthorizedJsonController which only works for authorized umbraco users, and will only return json.

##App_plugins Containing all the client-side code, dependencies and the package.manifest file, which registers needed dependencies on app_start, as well as included property editors.

/app_plugins/backoffice/peopletreee/ contains all editors for the tree "peopletree".

/app_plugins/umbraco/peopletreee/ contains all the dialogs for the tree "peopletree". notice: this is bound to change as this is a bug. Both editors and dialogs will be in the /backoffice folder.

/app_plugins/propertyeditors/ contains all property-editors registered by the package.manifest -in this case a personpicker.