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A python module for reading and changing status of verisure devices through verisure app api.
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A python module for reading and changing status of verisure devices through verisure app API. Compatible with both Python2 (2.6+) and Python3.

Legal Disclaimer

This software is not affiliated with Verisure Holding AB and the developers take no legal responsibility for the functionality or security of your Verisure Alarms and devices.

Version History

1.5.2 String formatting in urls.imagecapture fixed
1.5.1 Update requests dependency to 2.20.0
1.5.0 Added support for Panasonic HeatPumps
1.4.3 Update eventlog URL
1.4.2 Session context manager
1.4.1 Add cookie cache for increased speed and to avoid having the password stored on disk
1.4.0 Add test ethernet command
1.3.8 Fix vacation mode URL
1.3.7 Urlencode username
1.3.6 Download image fixed
1.3.5 Fix issue with encoding of credentials
1.3.4 Fix issue with encoding in ResponseError
1.3.3 Switch between known sub domains
1.3.2 Update base url 
1.3.1 Add LOCK and UNLOCK as filter options for event log
1.3.0 Added command for door/window status
1.2.0 CLI output as json
1.1.2 Change base host
1.1.1 Prettier printing of response error for command line usage
1.1.0 Support vacation mode 
1.0.0 Move to app-API, major changes


pip install vsure or pip install git+

Command line usage

usage: [-h] [-i INSTALLATION] [-c COOKIE]
                   username password

Read or change status of verisure devices

positional arguments:
  username              MyPages username
  password              MyPages password
    installations       Get information about installations
    overview            Read status of one or many device types
    armstate            Get arm state
    set                 Set status of a device
    climate             Get climate history
    eventlog            Get event log
    capture             Capture image
    imageseries         Get image series
    getimage            Download image
    vacationmode        Get vacation mode info
    door_window         Get door/window status
    test_ethernet       Update ethernet status

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Installation number
  -c COOKIE, --cookie COOKIE
                           File to store cookie in

Read alarm status

vsure mypassword armstate


    "name": "Alex Poe",
    "cid": "12345678",
    "state": true,
    "changedVia": "CODE",
    "date": "2017-03-11T21:04:40.000Z",
    "statusType": "ARMED_HOME"

Read status from all devices

vsure mypassword overview

Filter out door lock status from overview

vsure mypassword overview doorLockStatusList


vsure mypassword set alarm 1234 DISARMED

Unlock door

vsure mypassword set lock 123456 '6EA1 A422' unlock

Turn on smartplug

vsure mypassword set smartplug '5AC2 4LXH' on

Get event log with filter for arm and disarm events

vsure mypassword eventlog -f ARM DISARM

Module usage

Read alarm status

import verisure

session = verisure.Session('', 'mypassword')
armstate = session.get_arm_state()

Set alarm status

import verisure

session = verisure.Session('', 'mypassword')
session.set_arm_state('1234', 'ARMED_HOME')

Turn on smartplug

import verisure

session = verisure.Session('', 'mypassword')
session.set_smartplug_state('1A2B 3C4D', True)

Read status of all devices

import verisure

session = verisure.Session('', 'mypassword')
overview = session.get_overview()

Get event log

import verisure

session = verisure.Session('', 'mypassword')
events = session.get_history(('ARM', 'DISARM'))
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