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A PHP script for visualizing your servers Monit monitored services

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Monit Graph


Monit Graph is a logging and graphing tool for Monit written in PHP5. It can manage big amounts of data, and will keep a history of Monit statuses.

This is a fork of the google code project.


  • Easy to manage and customize.

  • Several different graphs (Google Charts) of memory, cpu, swap and alert activity.

  • Data logging with XML files.

  • Chunk rotation and size limitation.

  • Multiple server setup.


  1. Get monit and enable the buitin HTTP server.

  2. Set the permissions for data directory to 775.

  3. Change permissions for data/index.php to 644.

  4. Modify config.php to match your monit setup and configure the graphing. Set this file readable only by the owner and the PHP process owner (www-data on Debian), i.e., permission '0440'.

  5. Setup a crontab job to run cron.php every minute.


    * * * * * php /path/to/monit-graph/cron.php >> /tmp/monit-graph.log
  6. Verify after a few minutes of running that the logging happens. You can check the php error log if there seams to be something wrong.

  7. Protect access to index.php using basic authentication.

  8. Disable access to the tools directory.


This script was originally created by Dan Schultzer from Dream Conception and Abcel.


Convert this to Lua and make use of Nginx embedded Lua module.

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