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NOTE: Liemoth is currently being rewritten. Stable is in branch "old-system"


Liemoth (formerly AHDK) is a free and open source software dev kit for Ambarella based devices.


What can it do?


  • Long term stable timelapse, powered over USB
  • Module system
  • Motion detection photo (in progress)
  • Raw photos
  • Raw video (?)
  • Porting to other models (A9, A12?)
  • Reverse engineering sensor functions (1)
  • Spiffy New features


Liemoth can be built on Windows and Linux.

  • Host GCC/TCC
  • Arm GCC
  • Git bash or msys32 (if on Windows)

Head into a directory and type make help.
It should be pretty straightforward.

This is the compiler used by Ambarella (I think). You can also
use it to compile apps that run on the camera's Linux system:
It's older (2009), so it will generate assembly around 2x the size of newer GCCs.
Personally, I use gcc-arm-none-eabi-5_4-2016q3, since it's the same compiler that
Magic Lantern uses.

Thanks to


  • My testing cameras are the Activeon DX and GoPro Hero 3+.
  • Any help and/or questions are welcome. Just make an issue.
  • No warranty - If you break it, you keep both pieces.
  • There is some (possibly leaked) Ambarella source code out there.
    I have decided to not use it, and contributors must not use it either.

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