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This project is the source code for, plus the Perl code that converts it from Markdown format into HTML and uploads it to the server.

Repository layout

  • s/
    • page bodies in Markdown format
  • tt/
    • templates in Template::Toolkit format
  • static/
    • images and styles
  • share/locale
    • translations in gettext format
  • t/
    • tests
  • build/ (Not stored)
    • output


GNU bash, make, gettext-runtime, gettext-tools.

Perl and additional CPAN modules.

For building:

  • File::Slurp
  • libintl-perl (for Locale::Messages, Locale::TextDomain)
  • Locale::Maketext::Lexicon (for
  • Template
  • Text::Markdown

For testing:

  • Test::HTML::Lint

Contributing page content

  1. Modify templates or page bodies. New pages have to be registered in the file crank.
  2. Run make to build the site and inspect the result in the build directory.
  3. Run make test to check for HTML errors.
  4. Commit/publish changes, see s/
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