A connection between Amazon Echo and Sky Plus in the UK
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Visit my Blog to get in touch or to see demos of this and much more.


A connection between Amazon Echo and Sky Plus in the UK. Using this project you can create a new Alexa skill which can respond to a range of requests to control you SkyPlus box. It does this by posting key sequences directly to the box from the AWS cloud. I'm not going to go into the details of how this works in the readme. You can read all that for yourself in the lambda/index.js file. That is where all the magic is hiding.


This project is available under the MIT license. Please respect the terms of the license.


Some portions of the file lambda/index.js were adapted from work by dalhundal, my thanks to him/her for that.


This software is released with the karmaware tag


I've done best efforts testing on my personal Amazon Echo. If you find any problems, do let me know by raising an issue here. Better still, create a fix for the problem too and drop in the changes; that way everyone can benefit from it.

The channel listings, channel genres and tv listing site information were all correct when I uploaded the files - but these change all the time, so you may (will) need to tweak them.

Example Usage

To use this code to create your own skill, you will need an Amazon account. Your normal Amazon retail account will work for this. You will need to log in to both the Amazon Developer Site and the Amazon AWS Site.

The files in the alexa directory are used to create a new skill on the Developer site. The files in the lambda directory are used to create the connected lambda function on AWS. If you want to know more details of where to put what, check-out my earlier Alexa Boilerplate project.

Here are the types of utterances this code can recognise and respond to. In each case, the response comes after the channel change. Many more combinations than this are possible using this code.

Utterance Response
Show me wildlife programs This is Tiger Trail on the Discover Channel. It started 12 minutes ago.
Put on a game show You're watching Family Fortunes on Challenge. It's been on for 22 minutes.
Switch over to BBC 1 Now tuned to Eastenders on BBC 1. It kicked off 14 minutes ago.

If you get stuck, drop me a mail.

Pete Rai