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Eco Template Precompiler

This package will precompile Eco templates and adds them to the design document as CommonJS modules that you can use in your applications.

Eco Templating

Eco templates run coffeescript directly in your templates. Check out Sam Stephenson's repository for more information:

To use

Add eco to your dependencies in kanso.json.

"dependencies": {
    "eco": "~1.1.0-kanso.1"

Add an eco field to kanso.json with a list of folders to search for eco templates.

"eco": {
    "templates": ["templates"]

The Eco precompiler compiles the eco template into a CommonJS module that you can require and run to render:

var template = require('templates/mytemplate');
var some_object = { name: "Pete", greeting: "Hello" };
var rendered_html = template(some_object);
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