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scribble application for Onyx Boox M92
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Application intended as an alternative to the default scribble application on the Onyx Boox M92.

Design Goals

The application should behave similar to a paper notebook.

  • notebook consists of pages named by creation date and time
  • pages can be turned easily
  • one can use pen (black, different sizes) and eraser
  • pen, eraser and thinkness can be changed easily

Implementation Ideas

  • at the top of the page is a toolbar containing buttons to
    • change pen thickness
    • switch pen and eraser
    • turn pages
  • file format used is Xournal


Compiling for x86 in QtCreator:

Make sure that you installed the SDK to /opt/onyx, and compiled the SDK libraries from and installed them to /usr/local/lib. Because of some reasons, the x86 version also needs Qt DBUS, so you have to use qmake QT+=dbus and then make to compile. You can also use the script

Compiling for arm:

Make sure that you installed the SDK to /opt/onyx. Then simply use the script

Debugging on arm:

Optimally, gdbserver could be used (available in the toolchain), but I was not yet able to achieve a stable connection to the device. Another (less convenient) option is to use core dumps. Use this file to run scribble on the ebook reader:

cd /media/flash
ulimit -c unlimited

If the program crashes, a file named core is created. The cross gdb found in the toolchain can be used to analyze this file. Under QtCreator, use Settings->Toolchain to register the toolchain in /opt/freescale/... and then open the core file via Debug->Debug core file.

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