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#datasheets and some code for the badge handed out at Syscan 2015 I've grabbed the relevant datasheets for the STM32 processor used.

##dumping the current flash Unfortunately the code is readout protected so dumping it over serial is not possible without some Travis Goodspeed style shenanigans I haven't got a SWD debugger at the moment - so haven't been able to see if that can be connected.

##glitching My next step will be to try a bit of glitching by trying to reduce the voltage lower then the voltage required by programming the flash during the "Mass Erase" step of the "Readout Unprotect" command.

##programming However you can erase the flash and program the code you want at the moment i believe. Just run the Readout Unprotect to enable programming again - unfortunately this'll wipe the present firmware :(.

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