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#!/usr/bin/python -u
# Python Bindings for XZ/LZMA backported from Python 3.3.0
# This file copyright (c) 2012 Peter Cock,
# See other files for separate copyright notices.
import sys, os
from warnings import warn
from distutils import log
from distutils.command.build_ext import build_ext
from distutils.core import setup
from distutils.extension import Extension
# We now extract the version number in backports/lzma/
# We can't use "from backports import lzma" then "lzma.__version__"
# as that would tell us the version already installed (if any).
__version__ = None
with open('backports/lzma/') as handle:
for line in handle:
if (line.startswith('__version__')):
if __version__ is None:
sys.stderr.write("Error getting __version__ from backports/lzma/\n")
print("This is backports.lzma version %s" % __version__)
packages = ["backports", "backports.lzma"]
home = os.path.expanduser("~")
extens = [Extension('backports/lzma/_lzma',
libraries = ['lzma'],
include_dirs = [os.path.join(home, 'include'), '/opt/local/include', '/usr/local/include'],
library_dirs = [os.path.join(home, 'lib'), '/opt/local/lib', '/usr/local/lib']
descr = "Backport of Python 3.3's 'lzma' module for XZ/LZMA compressed files."
long_descr = """This is a backport of the 'lzma' module included in Python 3.3 or later
by Nadeem Vawda and Per Oyvind Karlsen, which provides a Python wrapper for XZ Utils
(aka LZMA Utils v2) by Igor Pavlov.
In order to compile this, you will need to install XZ Utils from
if sys.version_info < (2,6):
sys.stderr.write("ERROR: Python 2.5 and older are not supported, and probably never will be.\n")
name = "backports.lzma",
version = __version__,
description = descr,
author = "Peter Cock, based on work by Nadeem Vawda and Per Oyvind Karlsen",
author_email = "",
url = "",
license='3-clause BSD License',
keywords = "xz lzma compression decompression",
long_description = long_descr,
classifiers = [
'Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable',
'Programming Language :: Python',
'Programming Language :: Python :: 2.6',
'Programming Language :: Python :: 2.7',
'Programming Language :: Python :: 3',
'Topic :: Software Development :: Libraries :: Python Modules',
'Intended Audience :: Developers',
'License :: OSI Approved :: BSD License',
#'Operating System :: OS Independent',
'Topic :: System :: Archiving :: Compression',
packages = packages,
namespace_packages = ['backports'],
ext_modules = extens,
cmdclass = {
'build_ext': build_ext,
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