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A social media open post web archiving tool
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Munin - a Facebook and Instagram indexer and archiver

This tool will monitor open Facebook and Instagram account seeds for new posts and archive those posts available on the open web. Posts are archived in the WARC file format using the excellent Squidwarc package. A playback tool and a simple dashboard is available to monitor collections.

Munin dashboard screenshot

System overview

Munin builds on great software by other people. Indexing of post items is done in snscrape. Archiving of individual pages is done with Squidwarc. Playback of WARC files is enabled by pywb.

System overview - a Django application manages seeds and post URL:s in a PostgreSQL database. A queue for indexing finds more post URLs for the seeds. A queue for archiving makes sure post URLs are archived.


Create and empty data directory for postgres called data.

$ mkdir data

Copy example_env_file to env_file and update it with your settings.

Start everything;

$ docker-compose up -d

Set up a superuser:

$ docker-compose exec web python createsuperuser

Login to the admin dashboard with the newly created superuser at

Start by adding your first Collection item in the admin interface. Then add one or more seed URLs to the collection (e.g. You can bulk add multiple seeds (one per line) fron the dashboard.

After a couple of minutes, archived pages are available for playback from

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