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Ojo - a fast and pretty image viewer. [pronounced 'oho']

Ojo's goals:

  1. Ojo's general goal is to become the best image viewer for photography-related work on Linux. To serve as the first step in organizing images.
  2. It should start and show a single image as fast as possible - 90% of the time this is all that an image viewer is used for [it does now, need to keep it this way]
  3. It should look great and be very unobstrusive when viewing images, so as not to distract from the main content
  4. It should support RAW - this is lacking in most other images viewers. [it does now, for viewing, no export options]
  5. It should be easy to quickly zoom-in to 100% to a certain part of the image. [we have zooming to 100% now and fit-to-window, but no other-finer grain zooming options]
  6. It should provide some simple but convenient Trash, Copy and Move functionality. [nothing of these yet]

Tech stack

Ojo is based on these technologies: Python, GTK and HTML/JS/CSS with jQuery in an embedded WebKit


To install on Ubuntu, Mint or other Ubuntu derivatives:

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:ojo/daily
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ojo

Run from code and contribute

  1. First install ojo from the PPA above, this would pull all necessary dependencies. Alternatively, manually install the dependencies listed in debian/control.
  2. Clone repo
  3. Run bin/ojo, ojo should start.
  4. Hack away, and open a pull-request when ready, or better - immediately once you decide what you want do. For new features, please sync with me before you start - peterlevi AT peterlevi.com.

Keyboard shortcuts

Browse and image modes

Enter - toggles between single image / browse mode
F11 - toggles fullscreen
Esc / Alt-F4 - exit

Image mode:

Arrows and PgUp/PgDown - move back and forth between images
Home / End - go to first/last image
Press and hold mouse to zoom to specific point at 100%, then hold and move to "look around"
Z - toggles zoom between 100% and Fit-to-window
(Partial zooming is not supported yet)

Browse mode:

Arrows and PgUp/PgDown - navigate around
Home / End - go to first/last image or folder Tab / Shift-Tab - switch focus between files and folders list
Enter - select currently active link
Backspace / Alt-Up / Ctrl-Up - move one folder up
Ctrl-/ - jump to the filesystem root
Alt-Left / Alt-Right - go back / go forward in history
Ctrl +/= / Ctrl - - increase / decrease size of the thumbnails
F5 - reload current folder (file changes are not reflected automatically)
Ctrl-F5 - refresh/recreate all thumbnails in the current folder

Ctrl-F or type text directly - enter search/filter mode.
Use this to filter images, folders and commands.
E.g. type .jpg to see just JPEG files. Or type date to focus the Sort by date command. The filtered view over the images remains if you go into Image mode and start cycling the images. Press Esc to clear the filter and exit search mode (but keep in mind a second Esc will exit Ojo).


Single image view: Ojo - Single image view

Press Enter to enter Browse mode: Ojo - Browse mode

Ojo in the Dash: Ojo in the Dash