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Hi, I'm Peter Prescott and this is my PhD portfolio.

I've been given funding by the ESRC to undertake a 4-year integrated PhD and MSc in Data Analytics and Society at the University of Liverpool's Geographic Data Science Lab, under the supervision of Professor Alex Singleton.

My PhD project title is The Geodemographics of British Streets. And this is the brief I've been given: This PhD will develop a method that creates a public geodemographic classification; that in addition to utilising the best of open data; couple these with other data sources and generate more timely and accurate measures of populations and their contexts. The project will develop innovative techniques that utilise street geometry in their specification, estimation and testing; as the site for social interaction and the construction of neighbourhoods.

I'll be using this site to show my work as I try to learn in public.

The site is publicly hosted on Github, built with Hugo, and deployed through Netlify.

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